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Welcome to Name That Cake! Our staff of dedicated cake hounds has spent hundreds of collective hours scouring birthday cake images online looking for that one elusive photo of a REAL birthday cake with YOUR friend or loved one's name on it.

Most of the images on this page were copyright-free at the time of gathering, and they remain so. Others have been used by special permission. If you see an image here that you would like to use, simply right click and save it to your computer. If you can't find the name you are looking for, let us know and we'll try to help. In addition, we WELCOME your help in adding to the collection! If you can snap a photo of a personalized birthday cake next time you attend or give a party, 'donations' are greatly appreciated. Choose a letter of the alphabet (below) to start your hunt for that perfect cyber cake!

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(Below are some of our favorite birthday cake 'finds' -- you will find lots of fun birthday cake ideas and also unique ideas for birthday parties as you browse through the cakes we've gathered! Post on a wall on Facebook -- or you can email to a friend!)


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